Program Content

Every morning, a distinguished Yale or Yale-NUS faculty member will speak on a topic of his or her expertise. Lectures are intended to expose students to a wide array of new ideas and perspectives, as well as challenge them with first-year university level material. Past YYGS faculty lecturers have included Stephen Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, Kaveh Khoshnood, Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Yale School of Public Health, and Emma Sky, Director of the Yale World Fellows Program. 
Discussion Sections
Discussion sections follow morning lectures, and are led by current Yale and Yale-NUS graduate and undergraduate student instructors. Discussion sections are smaller than lectures (typically 8-10 students), and give students a more individualized opportunity to delve more deeply into the topic introduced by the lecturer. The instructors facilitate a conversation on the day’s lecture, and students are expected to voice their opinions, debate varied perspectives, and defend their arguments.
Career Talks
Career talks are given by industry practitioners on a wide-variety of topics relating to their field and their rise to leadership. Past career talks have included wisdom on how to start your own venture, keys to success in the business world, and the difference between the private, public, and non-profit sectors.
Seminars are designed and led by Yale and Yale-NUS graduate and undergraduate student instructors, who will craft lessons and assign readings to YYGS-Singapore participants in advance of their arrival at the program. The instructor will delve into a topic with the goal of having students understand and debate a specific set of arguments. Past seminars have included such varied subjects as Education for Liberation, Design for the Developing World, Why Do We Sleep?, Foreign Aid in Africa, and the Ethics of Stem Cell Research, to name a few. Students will select their preferences for seminars in advance, and are expected to come having closely read and formed an opinion on the assigned material. The seminar style classroom is a typical feature of most US college educations, and give participants a taste of what they will experience in university.
Workshops are held every evening of the YYGS-Singapore program. Students are placed into groups of 6-8 students with a Yale or Yale-NUS student instructor to work on an interdisciplinary skills-based curriculum, to include: leadership development, academic writing, communication and presentation skills, critical reading and research methods, and cultural understanding. Students receive personal guidance from instructors on the techniques for successful essay writing, including the opportunity to develop and workshop a draft of their own personal essays for individualized feedback. In addition, there will be a capstone project that emphasizes teambuilding and cross-communication in a group of like-minded peers.
Social Events
The social events during YYGS-Singapore will bring together students, instructors, and staff members for the chance to bond with one another. Social events include a Scavenger Hunt, Networking Mixer, and Talent Show. Students will have the chance to experience what Yale students regard as an all-important component of the college experience: meeting new people in a variety of settings. Students will walk away from the conference with an inspiration to share what they have learned with others.